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Synovatic Technologies Pvt Ltd is a Sports MediaTech Company founded in June 2019 which owns multiple products like Football Express, Six Sports & Crickdom.


Synovatic Technologies Pvt Ltd is a Sports MediaTech Company founded in June 2019 which owns multiple subsidiaries like Football Express, Six Sports & Crickdom.

At Synovatic Technologies, we are striving to make ourselves a giant in sports technology company. We have currently three products under our aegis which are Football ExpressCrickdom and Six Sports. A dream which was founded in 2019 by our Director, Dr. Jayashree Ashokrao Dhumal and Founder and Managing Director, Apurv Ashokrao Dhumal is currently doing very well after a span of four years.

All our three websites are doing well along with the parent company, Synovatic Technologies Pvt Ltd. We are based in both Pune and Latur where we have our corporate and registered offices respectively. Over the course of four years, we have been able to grow well, thanks to the constant love and support of our fans and readers. Our fans and readers have been very passionate about sports just like us and we are constantly striving to do our very best for them.

Our team of talented sports writers are ensuring that fresh news reaches the masses and that they do not fall for any biased ones. We are a group of diligent workers who want to keep everyone together and allow our fans and readers to enjoy our products and services without having to pay for any subscription fees. We are also active on our social media pages.

Therefore, we want to ensure that we keep continuing like this in our journey at Synovatic Technologies Pvt Ltd and we are thankful to each one of our fans and readers for giving us so much love and support over the past four years. Keep supporting us and giving so much love to all our products. We are deeply humbled and feel grateful that we could spark such an enormous interest from you all.


Our vision at Synovatic Technologies Pvt Ltd is to become a website and parent company through which readers and fans feel connected at all times. We also want all the products under our aegis to thrive well in the future.


Our mission is to keep striving to become a giant in sports tech and to improve ourselves in every sphere of sports so that we can increase our base among people. We want to ensure that our fans and readers always remain up to date when it comes to sports.


If you are passionate about our products and services, consider joining us on our journey on social media. The links for the following are given below-

Twitter: https://twitter.com/SynovaticTech/

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Crunchbase: https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/synovatic

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Fans can download our different Apps by visiting our Android Store. The link for the same is given below-

Store Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/dev?id=6297898996629036087&hl=en&gl=US