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At Football Express™, we believe that the sport of football has gained new heights both on and off the field. Now, fans want something new everyday from the sport and they have their favourite clubs to which they associate strongly.

Thus, we at Football Express™ are writing passionately on this sport for three years now. We believe in giving quality content to our fans. Fans are crazy about this sport and their favourite players and clubs and support them wholeheartedly wherever or whenever they play.

The passion of seeing the likes of Messi and Ronaldo is fever pitch in India and we want to make sure it remains the same in the future as well. That’s why at Football Express™, we bring to you the best of football. We cover everything from international events to club games and even small bits of controversies between coaches and teams.

We believe in giving our fans and readers authentic news and not diluting it or misguiding them. Additionally, we also cover matches through match previews. We try to be as thorough with our football knowledge as possible.

Also, we are in touch with our readers and fans through social media where we put our news stories that are fresh and authentic. Our team of dedicated and passionate football writers work round the clock to give you awesome news and latest coverage in the world of football both on and off the field.

We cover all the major football tournaments like La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A, Premier League etc. You name it and we have it. We are a very passionate team of writers when it comes to football.


Our vision at Football Express™ is to create a page and website which is easily accessible to everyone and where they are able to get a wide variety of news under one roof. We also want to give news without any subscription fees. Also, we don’t want our readers and fans to be misguided or left behind.


Our mission at Football Express™ is to ensure that we give undiluted news and keep it as authentic as possible. We are also aiming to cover other areas of football so that our fans and readers get more variety.


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